Automotive Industries Ltd. (AIL) is a subsidiary of Automotive Equipment Group (AEG), a leader in the Israeli vehicle market.

AEG represents the Suzuki, Chrysler, Dodge, Porsche and Jeep brands, MAN trucks and buses, Bridgestone tires, LiuGong construction equipment, and Hyundai and Yale forklifts. AEG is a partner of the Metropoline and Metrodan public transportation systems and also operates subsidiary companies that provide leasing, insurance and vehicle spare parts in the local market. AEG is an authorized supplier to the Israeli Government and Ministry of Defense.

Automotive Industries operates as a subsidiary of AEG, representing the group's Industrial division. AIL consists of four divisions:

Vehicle: Specializing in the design, manufacturing, assembly, modeling and integration of 4WD and special-purpose vehicles.

Trailer: Manufacturing of truck trailers and chassis.

Metalwork: Import & manufacturing of urban and industrial waste collection equipment.

AIL’s professional expertise and production methods result in the manufacturing and delivery of professional-quality products related to: Engineering & Machining; Metal Punching & Pressing; Welding; Paint Preparation & Finishing; Raw Materials; as well as offering Quality Assurance services.

Since its establishment, AIL has manufactured over 90,000 vehicles for both military and civil applications. The Storm is the company’s most prominent and successful vehicle, used by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and several other military entities around the world.

Automotive Industries combines industrial solutions with the development and marketing of a wide range of products in the following divisions:

Environmental: Manufacturing and sales of urban and industrial waste collection and disposal equipment. Offers a range of equipment to suit various market applications, including waste and cardboard compactors, etc.

Heavy vehicle: Manufacturing, import, and sales of trailers and chassis for 15- to 100-ton trucks. Provides a wide range of trailers for general transport as well as providing solutions for specialized transportation needs such as: Refrigerated Freight, Heavy Machinery, Bulk Load, and Food & Beverage.

Light vehicle: Specializes in the design, manufacturing, assembly, modeling and integration of custom and 4WD vehicles. Performs engineering upgrades on special-purpose vehicles to meet client specifications and mission profiles. The Storm 3 is AIL’s flagship model, used by the IDF and exported for military use worldwide.

Subcontracting: Specializing in exclusive client-tailored metalwork where the highest level of professional quality and accuracy is required. The process involves advanced tool technologies and the use of specially made steel and aluminum raw materials. Delivers fast production and delivery times in order to meet the demands of its customers.

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